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Bar Accessory Hire

If you're hosting a bar at your event or special occasion then we can definitely help you! We don't just hire beer glasses and wine goblets - we have all the ancillary equipment such as bottle skipsdrinks trays and ice buckets that you might need to run your bar smoothly. Our online ordering system means you don't need to get a quote from us - just place your items in the basket, go through the checkout procedure and you're all done!

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  1. Tappour Free Flow Pourer

    If you are serving spirits and liqueurs at your next event or special occasion then a pourer might be a handy accessory. Designed to fit... More
    £0.36 £0.30
  2. Jigger Spirit Measure

    If you're offering mixed drinks at your next event or special occasion then a jigger measure might be something you need. Designed for m... More
    £0.60 £0.50
  3. Muddler

    Are you serving cocktails at your next event? Like a cocktail shaker, a muddler is a very useful tool for serving mixed drinks, particul... More
    £0.60 £0.50
  4. Ice Tongs

    If you want ice in your drinks at your next event then ice tongs might be a useful accessory to have. These stainless steel tongs are pe... More
    £0.60 £0.50
  5. Food Tray

    If you're serving food at your next event or special occasion then this tray might be ideal for you. It features a textured surface whic... More
    £0.78 £0.65
  6. Bar Spoon

    Have you ever tried to stir a cocktail with a regular teaspoon? Spoiler alert - they're not big enough - which is why you need a long ba... More
    £0.84 £0.70
  7. Ice Scoop

    If you're filling huge tubs of ice for your next event or special occasion then an ice scoop is a useful tool to have. This stainless st... More
    £0.84 £0.70
  8. Glass Cloth

    Glass cloths are ideal for helping to keep your glasses clean at your event or special occasion. These cloths are made from top quality ... More
    £1.20 £1.00
  9. Hawthorn Strainer

    Are cocktails the theme of your next event or special occasion? If you're serving mixed drinks then you'll need all the paraphernalia to... More
    £1.80 £1.50
  10. Round Tray

    Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with the dexterity of a skilled barperson when carrying drinks. If you're running a bar at your n... More
    £2.40 £2.00
  11. 14" Silver Service Tray

    If you're serving food at your next event or special occasion then this ornate polished silver serving tray might be ideal. It's perfect... More
    £2.88 £2.40
  12. Champagne Bucket

    When serving bubbly, it's preferable to keep it cold and these champagne buckets are just the job to do that. Finished in an attractive ... More
    £3.60 £3.00
  13. Rectangular Tray

    If you're hosting a bar at your next event then you're sure to be thinking of making sure it's got all the equipment it needs to be a su... More
    £3.60 £3.00
  14. Wine Bottle Cooler Polished Steel

    Are you serving wine at your next event or special occasion? If you are you may need this stylish and practical wine bottle chiller in s... More
    £3.60 £3.00
  15. Mahogany Tray

    Are you serving hot drinks at your next event or special occasion? Then this is the drinks tray you need. Made with an attractive mahoga... More
    £4.20 £3.50
  16. Spittoon

    The humble spittoon has come some way since the days of the wild west. These spittoons are used primarily for wine tasting events as a r... More
    £4.20 £3.50
  17. Garnish Dispenser

    Garnishes aren't the first thing you think of when you think about bars but it's the little touches that make nights special. This dispe... More
    £4.80 £4.00
  18. Barrel End Ice Tub

    Looking for a traditional feel to your bar? These barrel end ice tubs are perfect for a more old-fashioned setting to have ice ready for... More
    £7.20 £6.00
  19. Wine Stand - Deluxe

    Designed to go with our silver champagne bucket, these wine stands are sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. Like all of our bar hire, we c... More
    £7.20 £6.00
  20. Waste Bin

    Keep your event or special occasion tidy with this waste bin. This moulded black polyethylene waste bin has a smooth easy to clean inter... More
    £7.80 £6.50
  21. Champagne Bowl Large

    Attractive and presented in a large design, this Champagne Bowl is one which will fit perfectly in any bar setting. In a polished finish... More
    £9.00 £7.50
  22. Chrome Tray Stand

    If you're serving at a table at your next event or special occasion then this chrome tray stand is probably going to be idea. These stan... More
    £9.60 £8.00
  23. Bottle Skip

    Serving bottles at your next event or special occasion? This bottle skip is perfect if you need somewhere to keep the empties stored bef... More
    £14.40 £12.00
  24. LED Colour Changing Ice Bucket

    Hosting a bar at your next event or special occasion? Why not bring a bit of something special with this LED Colour Changing Ice Bucket?... More
    £15.00 £12.50
  25. Double Door Bottle Cooler

    Keep your best sellers chilled with this Polar double door bottle cooler. With a black epoxy polyester finished steel outer, this beer f... More
    £66.00 £55.00
  26. Ice Making Machine

    Bars can often require large quantities of ice on tap - especially for cocktails and mixed drinks. If you're not in the mood to constant... More
    £90.00 £75.00
  27. Wine Fridge

    With a stylish black exterior and black interior the unit comes with 5 wooden adjustable shelves for display and storage of up to 78 win... More
    £150.00 £125.00
  28. Test Product 2 - Do Not Add To Basket

    Test Product - please do not add these to the basket
    £1,200.00 £1,000.00

28 Items

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Running a bar is more than just having the right kind of glassware. For a bar to be a proper success you need all kinds of accessories from pourers and measures to ice buckets and even ice machines. We’ve sourced the best quality products at the right prices to make it even easier for you to run your bar on budget.

The kinds of accessories you need will depend on the drinks you are most likely to be serving. If champagne is the order of the day then ice buckets are essential; if it’s a cocktail theme then muddlers and shakers are in order. We’ve even got trays to carry drinks away on! 

Chiltern Catering and Event Hire have a massive amount of experience in delivering and collecting all manner of catering equipment hire including bar hire. With vans on the road seven days a week between 8am and 8pm and one hour delivery timeslots we can ensure that you get what you need for your event or special occasion, when you need it. If you have any queries please call our team on 0800 910 1013.

We deliver and collect throughout the Milton Keynes area, and beyond. Some of the locations we serve are shown below: