Glass Hire Milton Keynes

Glass Hire Milton Keynes

If you’re having drinks at your event or special occasion then glass hire is going to be very important. With so many different types of glasses available it can be a bit intimidating if you’re not sure of what you want. However, with a little research it’s easy to work out what you need from our wide range of glassware.

Glasses can be divided into roughly five types – beer glasses, cocktail glasses, wine glasses, speciality glasses and tumblers. We’ve outlined what to look for in each below to help you find the right glass hire for your event.

Beer Glass Hire Milton Keynes

If you’re serving pints of beer at your event, then beer glass hire is what you’re going to need. Twenty to thirty years ago the idea of specific beer glasses for the kind of beer being served wouldn’t be the sort of thing that most people would think about. However, with the proliferation of craft ales, premium lagers and speciality drinks mean people are more specific with the kind of beer glasses they want.

The standard beer glass is known as the “tulip” beer glass. The distinctive shape is easy to hold and ensures that they stack neatly for storage. Our glasses are nucleated to help them keep the “head” on the beer for longer. The bottom of the glass is laser etched or sand blasted to provide a rougher texture, encouraging bubbles to form and maintain the fizziness of the beer.

Premium lagers and craft ales, especially those from the continent tend to be served in stemmed beer glasses. Unlike the classic tulip glass, the bottom of these beer glasses is more reminiscent of a wine glass for a more elegant look. The glasses taper inwards towards the top which help to keep the head on the beer.

Dimple beer mugs are a more old-fashioned style of beer glass. These glasses have a series of panels around the glass to give it a chunkier look and come with handles to make them easy to hold. These glasses also come in a 40 oz (two pint) version which is popular for German-themed events like Oktoberfest.

Cocktail Glass Hire Milton Keynes

If you’re looking for cocktail glass hire for your event or special occasion we can certainly help you out. With so many cocktails to choose from we’ve built a range of speciality glasses to help ensure we can meet requirements for even the biggest blow-outs. There are three normal kinds of cocktail glasses.

Hurricane glasses are called that because they were originally used to serve cocktails called Hurricanes in New Orleans. These are quite large at 13oz and are great for drinks like Singapore Slings, Pina Coladas and Blue Hawaiis. Their tall, slender shape is really good for showing off layered and visual drinks.

If tequila is the spirit of choice at your party then it’s almost certain you’re going to be serving Margaritas. The Margarita glass is a variant of a classic champagne coupe, which is particularly good for serving blended fruit margaritas. Its wide bowl has plenty of room for ice, which is essential to keep the drink properly chilled.

The most iconic of all cocktail glasses is the Martini glass. The glass takes its name from the classic cocktail of gin and vermouth and sports a conical bowl on a stem. Like the margarita glass, the Martini glass was originally based on a champagne coupe. It’s since evolved into a more functional design with a long stem to keep body heat away from the drink while the wide bowl allows the bouquet of the gin to be properly released.

Wine Glass Hire Milton Keynes

One of the most popular items of glass hire we rent out are wine glasses. Like our other glasses, these can be divided into different types, with the two principle groups being champagne glasses and wineglasses.

Champagne is one of the most special drinks that can be served at a party or special occasion, which means it needs to be served in a champagne-specific glass. These can either be tall, slender flutes or wide and rounded saucers. The style of glass really is dependent on the aesthetic of the occasion; both types of glass are equally good for serving bubbly.

Our wineglasses come the choice comes down to size and type of glass. The bigger 12oz glasses tend to be used for red wine, while the smaller 9oz glasses are for white. If an additional touch of sparkle needs to be brought to the occasion, then crystal glasses are what is called for. We also stock ISO glasses, which are a specific type of glass for wine-tasting events.

Speciality Glass Hire Milton Keynes

It’s not just beer, cocktail or wine that calls for specific glasses. Various other drinks have special types of glass that are associated with them and these speciality glasses will be found in this section.

Brandy and Cognac glasses are sometimes called snifters. They come with a wide bowl at the bottom and a narrow top. The rounded bottom allows the bowl to be cupped in the hand, imparting the body warmth to the liquid. The narrow top traps the aroma of the drink as it evaporates, adding another dimension to the drink.

Sherry glasses are sometimes known as schooners. Like a brandy glass, these also tend to be narrow at the top to retain the aroma of the drink, but the bowls are much slimmer. Mulled Wine and Irish coffee glasses on the other hand have a handle at the bottom to allow them to be held while hot.

We also stock shot and slammer glasses. These are much smaller in size – between 1 and 2 ounces – and are designed to hold drinks that are knocked back in one. Some glasses come with thicker bottoms and are called cheater glasses. This is because they look like they hold more than they actually do, which allows someone to look like they are drinking more than they actually are.

Tumbler Hire Milton Keynes

Tumblers are another very popular item of glass hire. These two come in two different varieties, which are highball tumblers and whisky tumblers. Tumblers are distinctive by their flat bottoms, which are normally made of thick glass.

The highball ones are, like their name suggests, tall glasses. They are straight glasses which are 10oz or 12oz in size, and are popular for serving soft drinks in. Highball tumblers are also good for tall mixed drinks like Tom Collins and Long Island Iced Tea.

The shorter tumbler glasses are whisky tumblers, and as you would imagine are used for whisky drinks. Again, these come in two sizes and are perfect for drinking scotch – with or without the rocks.