Having the right cooking hire for your kitchen is essential if your event or occasion is to go smoothly. Whether using electricity or LPG as fuel, we've sourced the right equipment for you.

  1. LPG Gas Cylinder Y Piece

    £3.00 ex VAT
  2. Commercial Rice Cooker 6Ltr

    £15.00 ex VAT
  3. Double Electric Boiling Ring

    £20.00 ex VAT
  4. Toaster Hire - 6 Slice

    £20.00 ex VAT
  5. Large Charcoal BBQ

    £25.00 ex VAT
  6. Double Gas Ring Burner - LPG

    £25.00 ex VAT
  7. LPG Single Burner

    £30.00 ex VAT
  8. Patio Gas Bottle - 13kg

    £30.00 ex VAT
  9. Salamander Electric Grill Hire

    £35.00 ex VAT
  10. Hot Plate

    £35.00 ex VAT
  11. Induction Hob Hire - Double

    £35.00 ex VAT
  12. Double Fryer - 5 litre

    £35.00 ex VAT
  13. 19kg Propane Gas Bottle

    £37.50 ex VAT
  14. 3.5kg Silverlink 600 Chip Scuttle

    £40.00 ex VAT
  15. Conveyor Toaster Hire

    £40.00 ex VAT
  16. Countertop Electric Griddle

    £40.00 ex VAT
  17. Double Fryer - 8 litre

    £45.00 ex VAT
  18. Double Ribbed Panini Grill

    £45.00 ex VAT
  19. Electric Powered Spit Roast

    £50.00 ex VAT
  20. 1500W Commercial Microwave

    £65.00 ex VAT
  21. Commercial Double Round Waffle Maker

    £65.00 ex VAT
  22. 6 Burner LPG Oven

    £85.00 ex VAT
  23. Potato Oven for Hire

    £85.00 ex VAT
  24. Blue Seal Turbofan Convection Oven

    £90.00 ex VAT
  25. Freestanding LPG Fryer 20Ltr

    £100.00 ex VAT
  26. Rotisserie Cooker for Hire - 3 Spit

    £165.00 ex VAT


All Stainless Steel (6)

Catering equipment such as cooking hire is the cornerstone of what we do at Chiltern Event Hire. We’ve made it our aim to source equipment which can be relied upon even in the busiest kitchen.

What cooking hire is there on offer?

We have a diverse cooking hire range, which is fuelled by both LPG and electricity. All of our LPG equipment can be run on LPG bottles with standard bayonet fittings, while our electric equipment can all be run from a standard UK three pin plug. However, we do recommend checking the wattage of electric equipment as it can trip extension leads and generators.

We have both LPG and electric ovens available. Our LPG ovens are suited to outside events where a lot of power is required, while the electric ovens work best in indoor kitchens. Our LPG fryers are great for pop up kitchens outdoors and offer lots of power and capacity while our tabletop electric fryers are good for smaller indoor kitchens.

There is also a selection of other equipment available for more specialised cooking such as rice cookers, rotisserie ovens and conveyor toasters.

How does delivery of cookery hire work?

We clean, check and PAT test all electric equipment prior to delivery, while all LPG equipment is inspected regularly by a Gas Safe Engineer and certified as safe to use. We can provide evidence of this testing if required. Please check the power rating of equipment as powerful electric equipment such as ovens prior to hire as we can’t be responsible for it tripping out generators or extension leads.

We deliver from Chiltern Event Hire to the whole of Milton Keynes and the Chilterns including to Milton Keynes, Northampton, Befordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Northants and Oxfordshire. Check the carriage calculator on the home page to find out how much a standard delivery costs.