We're proud to serve schools throughout Milton Keynes, Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Oxfordshire with all the hire equipment they need, at a price which is right.

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From speech days to school proms, from PTA summer fetes to examinations we work with schools on a huge range of events. We understand that timings can be crucial due to student movement, and how difficult it can be sometimes to get hold of a credit card. Don't worry, we deal with both local authority run schools and academies all the time.

Our work with schools can be broken down into three main areas. We often work with canteens directly, or third party service providers to cover special events that require extra catering, a breakdown in the canteen that requires catering equipment to be delivered as soon as possible and thirdly to provide temporary full kitchens whilst the schools is either being repaired or replaced.

We also supply numerous schools with examination equipment such as ISO exam desk hire, along with accompanying chairs.

Whilst not the school directly, we also get involved with PTA's on a very regular basis. We supply equipment to numerous Summer Fetes, Christmas parties and various other fundraising events.

Finally, and the newest one, school proms and awards nights. Very glamorous, very demanding and usually a fairly tight budget.

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