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Rotisserie Cooker for Hire - 3 Spit

3 spit rotisserie cooker for hire
£198.00 £165.00

A new addition to our range, a 3 spit rotisserie cooker. Can be used for anything from chicken, kebabs, pork. Any meat or vegetable that can fit onto a skewer!

The Barbecue King NMK chicken rotisserie is the best rotisserie in the world. They are a favourite brand name who everyone trusts. Barbecue King rotisseries can be found everywhere from a small chip shop to a large supermarket deli.

The most important features of the Barbecue King chicken rotisseries are:
• Large glass for maximum visual impact.
• High performance heating for heavy duty use.
• Illuminated oven.
• Double-glazed doors mean safe use on some models.
• Can be use for pre-heating as well as cook and hold.
• Efficient heating for lower running costs.


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Product Name Rotisserie Cooker for Hire - 3 Spit
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