Watford Wedding Hire

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Watford is a town in Hertfordshire, lying within the circumference of the M25, 15 miles north-west of central London. The town should not be confused with the town of the same name 55 miles to the north in Northamptonshire. Watford is a sub-regional centre within the county of Hertfordshire along with Stevenage.

The town of Watford is home to various companies, such as pub giant J D Wetherspoon, lottery company Camelot and retailers Mothercare. It is also the UK home for various multi-nationals such as Hilton Worldwide, Total Oil, TK Maxx and Costco.

While Watford is a busy place for people to work, there are always events and occasions going on in the area. With it's handy location on the M1 and M25 motorways, it's easy for us to reach and we're often in the area making deliveries. Some of the items we deliver are listed below.

Watford Table Hire

We have a great selection of table hire to suit a wide variety of events and special occasions. We can offer anything you might need from designer tables for events and conferences to traditional banqueting tables for weddings and functions.

Tables generally come in three types, based on how tall they are.

The tallest style of tables are called poseur tables or cocktail tables. These tables that you might find at bars and at cocktail parties and are designed either for standing up around or sitting at on bar stools. Our selection of poseur tables come in a range of colours and styles.

The lowest style of tables are coffee tables. These are low tables which are used for placing cups of coffee (hence the name), magazines and the like on and are usually surrounded by sofas or couches. We have a range of coffee tables for any type of event.

In the middle are banqueting tables. These are a set size (30 inches) in height and are the standard size for dining tables. We have round, oval and rectangular tables which can help with any size or layout of room.

Watford Catering Equipment Hire

Whether it’s chafing dishes to keep food warm or double bottle coolers to keep beer cold, we’ve got you covered with our range of catering equipment hire. We have an extensive selection of ovens, fridges and cookers ready for use in a range of situations.

Some items, like our double door bottle coolers and display fridges are equally popular in an outdoor setting at events like festivals and fetes as they are for indoor events. These kinds of items are incredibly popular in the summer and availability can get stretched. In colder times there’s nothing better than a nice warm pie or pastry – and no better piece of equipment to make it than our turbofan ovens.

We stock appliances powered both by gas and electricity to give our customers maximum of choice. All appliances are inspected, cleaned and tested prior to delivery for peace of mind.

Watford Glass Hire

Whether it’s a party, a celebration or a huge blowout meal, getting an event right comes down to good planning. With the right glass hire it can be easy to make your event sparkle.

If you’re raising a glass to success it’s hard to go wrong with our Saxon Savoie champagne flutes. Like all of our glass hire, our flutes are all individually checked and cleaned before being packed in our special packing crates prior to delivery to you.

We have a huge selection of glasses for hire available so if it’s 50 or 500 guests drinking wine, cocktails or even beer we’re bound to have what you need.